Day 8
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Day 8, Saturday, October 21st, 2006

    It was our last full day of Disney.  Wah!!  Our plan was to use up our child swap passes!  But first, FOOD!  Originally, we had an ADR for Rainforest Cafe in the Animal Kingdom, but it had left us underwelmed on our last trip.  So after reading many reviews, we decided to try Boma in the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  The Lodge was beautiful and has become one of my "we've got to stay here one day" places.  The food at Boma was fantastic.  In fact, it was some of the best food we ate on vacation.  We'll have to try it out one day for dinner.  Our breakfast was for 7:30 AM so we could make rope drop at the Animal Kingdom which worked out perfectly.


        We were in the front of the pack at rope drop and headed for the Kilimanjaro Safari.  A few characters were waiting to greet the guests and King Louis was right there so we paused for a hug and a picture.  Kevin grabbed FastPasses for later, and then we rode in the standby line.  The kids love to take pictures on the Safari.  Molly liked riding in the bouncy truck!




    The girls were chomping at the bit to use their left over Child Swap passes for Expedition Everest.  On the walk we once again spied Devine and took a moment to marvel over her.  Love that Devine!  I was going to go ride Triceratops Spin with Molly while the others rode Everest twice with our remaining passes.  We left the big kids (Brenna, Erin and Kevin) at Everest, and Molly and I meandered off.  Our early morning caught up with Molly and she crashed in the stroller. 


    When I got over to DinoLand, Molly was still sound asleep.  Chip and Dale were hanging around and I went to trade pins with a CM.  The chipmunks were really cute posing with sleeping beauty.  They are some of Molly's favorites and she loved seeing the pictures when she woke from her nap.  I enjoyed my quiet time waiting for the thrill-seekers while Molly rested.  After Everest, Kevin and the girls met us over in DinoLand and used our last Child Swap pass for Primeval Whirl. 



    We headed over to watch the 3-D show, It's Tough to be a Bug.  As we were marveling over the Tree of Life, two CMs approached us and asked if we wanted a tour.  They took us around the base of the tree and told us the story behind the tree and some cool facts about the animals and the carvings.  Then they took us through the exit into the show so we didn't have to wait in line.  They gave us a little Magical Moments certificate.  Molly finally woke up as we were walking around the tree just in time for the show. 
Thankfully, we've seen this show before, so I could anticipate the things Molly would freak out on and could shield her face and turn her focus away from of the scarier elements of this show.  Yea! No crying!






    We were hungry again!  It was noon and Pizzafari was calling us.  We had quite a few counter service credit left on the dining plan, so we ordered five pizza meals.  Everyone has their own small pizza. Yummy!  Brenna sat down at the table and decided that she wanted to sit by Molly on the other side.  She casually slid her pizza across the table.... to the floor.  SPLAT! Face Down!  I think the couple at the next table about had a heart attack.  The couldn't take their eyes off that pizza face down on the floor.  I think they thought that Brenna was about to die.  We, however, were laughing so hard at Brenna's surprised face that they realized that she was not about to be killed.  The remaining four pizzas were more than enough for everybody. 

    After lunch, we went and used our Fast Passes to ride the Safari again.  The last thing on our list of things to do was to see Festival of the Lion King.  This show was a fabulous way to say good-bye to the Animal Kingdom.  We made our way back to the hotel to rest a bit before the evening.  We had an ADR for Whispering Canyon that evening.  On our last trip, we had a dud for a waiter and really didn't get to fully enjoy this restaurant.  This time, we got Candy Cane.  She was so much fun.  She brought me the gallon of Diet Coke, Brenna got her drink in a teapot and Erin received a million bottles of ketchup.  Candy saw that Molly was eating a small bit of salt from the shaker and came over a poured a huge pile on the table for her.  Molly's was amazed!  It was really fun.  Kevin got to join the men in a rousing chourus of "I'm a Little Teapot".  Unfortunately, Molly fell down when she tried to join in the pony race and tears and band-aids were neccesary. 



    We went over to the Magic Kingdom for the fireworks and the parade.  We got to ride Pirates, Haunted Mansion, and Thunder Mountain before we went to find our Fireworks viewing spot.  We made ourselves comfortable waiting for Wishes.   The lights dimmed, and the announcer says "Get ready for Hallowishes!"  WHAT?!?  We've seen Hallowishes during the Halloween party.  We want to see the regular Magic Kingdom fireworks Wishes.  We're sad, but enjoy the show anyway.  We went to find our parade viewing spot and made our selves comfy on some seats.  We didn't realize that we planted ourselves right where the CMs park their carts when the parade starts!  We're trapped and now our perfect spot is no longer that good.  But we're too tired to move and just make due.  A nice CM in front of us gave the girls several Passes for Splash Mountain which don't expire that night, so I guess it wasn't that bad. We made our way to our hotel and the girls crashed into bed to get ready for our last morning in the parks.