Day 7
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 Day 7, Friday, October 20th, 2006

   Friday was to be a Magic Kingdom day!  The kids had been dying to spend the day here and it didn't dissappoint.  We had made an early 8:00 AM ADR for the Crystal Palace.  Since the park didn't open until 9:00, the plan was to eat and be out by rope drop.  It was really foggy this morning and the castle looked great coming out of the mist.  We stopped for a quick photo shoot with Minnie and Roy Disney and then it was off to Crystal Palace.




    Crystal Palace has a really great breakfast buffet.  For us though, it's all about the characters!  We love the Winnie the Pooh characters and it was really great getting to see them.  We had a great waitress who understood our desire to be at rope drop and she was quick to get us our check.  Unfortunately, Eeyore took a break two tables before he got to us.  I know that the characters need breaks, but we wanted out of there!  We had finished eating, paid, and still we waited more than 20 minutes more for Eeyore.  Finally, we asked the girls if we could just leave and see Eeyore another trip as it was 8:57 and about time for rope drop.  They agreed and as we sadly gathered our stuff to leave.  Right when we got to the door, Eeyore came out and we stopped for a quick Hello before we dashed out.   Yea!  We got to see Eeyore after all!




    We hustled to the back of the castle, and made it to the front of the line.  We made the mad dash to Dumbo at rope drop and all was right with the world.  Today was our Fantasyland morning!  We rode Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan's Flight, Snow White's Scary Adventure, Cinderella's Golden Carrousel, and the Mad Tea Party.  All before 10:00 AM!  I love Fantasyland and it was a great morning.



    Kevin hoofed it over and got Fastpasses for Space Mountain and then we headed over to Toontown.  The girls decided they didn't want to ride the Barnstormer again, so we headed to see the characters.  We decided to wait in the Princess line.  The girls were hoping to see Daisy Duck or Belle in her yellow dress, but it wasn't to be.  We did see Belle, Cindy and Snow White.  The characters here were great with the girls and spent a few minutes talking to the girls. 







    We had already seen the characters in the other two lines, so we hopped on the train and rode to Adventure Land.  We grabbed Fastpasses for Splash Mountain and Kevin and the girls went and rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad after we got a Child Swap Pass.  Molly took a few minutes to visit the ducks.  They had quite a conversation! 


    We had planned to eat lunch around 11:15 or so.  Unfortunately, it was now 12:00 PM and everything was busy and it was another record high temperature day.  We decided to go to Pecos Bills for lunch.  While Kevin and Brenna got in line, Erin, Molly and I scouted for a table inside.  Erin was starting to have problems from the heat and really needed to sit in the air for awhile.  Luckily, a family that was finishing up must have seen the look on Erin's face and they let us sit at their table while they cleaned up.  We had a table, now, we just had to wait for the food.  Molly took this time to remind me LOUDLY that she was hot, tired and hungry.  When our kids hit the wall, they hit hard!  The food was good and we had a table and all became right with the world.  Well, that is until the kid at the next table began barfing all over the place.  All of a sudden, Molly's temper tantrum didn't seem quite so bad!

    We decided to go to Pirates of the Caribbean again, but unfortuntely, the ride was not running.  I checked my time schedule, and realized that it was time for Pirates Training!  We went over to where the show would be, but we didn't know where to stand.  Pirate Mac came out and saw us waiting and joked around a bit with us.  Then Jack Sparrow came out!  Jack was chosing kids to help for pirate training and Mac told Jack to get Erin.  It was great!  Jack taught the kids sword play and then they got to fight Mac.  Erin became a fierce little pirate.  Who knew she had that in her?  It was really great.  Jack kept getting in Erin's face and telling her to stop smiling, so of course, she kept giggling.  Erin got an Apprentice Pirate Certificate and off we went with our newly trained pirate.







    As we were heading back to Splash Mountain, Kevin realized he had lost my park ticket.  We called the hotel and cancelled it, but with that happening, I forgot to get the child swap pass.  The plan was for Kevin and the older girls to ride Splash twice, then ride Big Thunder one more time.  I took off with Molly and rode the railroad around the park while the big kids did their rides.  Oops!  So they only rode Splash once because the line was too long.  Molly and I rode all the way around the park took a little nap.  We met back up with the others and rode Haunted Mansion and It's a Small World on our way over to Mickey's Philharmagic, the 3D show.  This is a fabulous show and we all love it!  We wanted to see the High School Musical show, but once it started, the kids decided that one number was enough.  Maybe it was 95 degree temps!  We went over and got a child swap pass and then Kevin and the girls used their fastpasses and rode Space Mountain. While they rode twice, Molly and I rode the Tomorrow Transit Authority around and around.  We rode it three times in a row without getting off.  It was great to sit back and put our feet up!  We got off and met up with the others and then it was around one more time on the TTA to end the day!


    We rode the Monorail over to the Polynesian Hotel and did a bit of souveneir shopping before we attended the Spirit of Aloha dinner show.  Although we really enjoy this show, Molly had fallen asleep while we were waiting and slept through the entire meal part of the night.  I had to eat holding her which was not the easiest, but at least she was quiet!  When she did wake up, she had a hard time at first.  We got a bit of food into her and she watched the show, but I think she was just a bit too tired to really enjoy it.  We liked it though and it was a nice ending to a really long day.  We headed back to the hotel and the kids dropped into bed as did we!