Day 6
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Day 6, Thursday, October 19th, 2006

        We awoke bright and too early and had a quick breakfast of doughnuts in the room.  We were headed to Epcot for rope drop.  We had rides to do, shows to see, and countries to visit!  As soon as the rope dropped, Kevin took off for Soarin' while I followed behind with the girls.  He hurried and got Fastpasses while we caught up with him.  We showed the CM Molly and received our child swap pass and Kevin took Brenna and Erin to ride in the standby line.  While they were riding, I was to take Molly and go get Fastpasses for Test Track.

        Molly melted.  There was no other word for it.  She slid out of her stroller into a puddle of screaming toddler in the middle of the walkway.  I wrested the boneless little lump to the side and waited it out.  It was hot and she was over it (we had been in the park for a full 10 minutes).  Eventually, she quieted down and we were no longer the entertainment of the morning.  She agreed to ride in the stroller again and we were off for our Fastpasses.  This was no really the way I had planned to spend my morning.


        When Kevin and the girls finished Soarin' we headed to the Living Seas for our place in line for Turtle Talk with Crush.  We were the first people in line, so Kevin made himself comfortable and I took the girls exploring and to get the required picture of us in Bruce's mouth!  We noticed a few others getting in line, so we joined Kevin and passed the time letting Molly take pictures of her sisters.



        Turtle Talk was a hoot!  Brenna got called on learn to talk turtle.  She was a very cool dude!  The show is really cool and the girls loved it.  Unfortunately, Molly wouldn't go sit up front with Brenna and Erin and sat on my lap the whole time.  She liked it, but wanted to leave about halfway through.  We appeased her by promising to go on the new Nemo ride again when we left Crush.  She really loves this ride and we decided to ride it twice as there was no line.  After Nemo, we headed back to Soarin' so Mommy could ride with the girls.  We used our Fastpasses and planned to ride with the Child swap latter as we were leaving the park. 

        We decided to finish the Kidcot stations that we had missed yesterday, so we headed into Canada.  After receiving our dreamcatcher charm, we headed off completely forgetting about our candy!  Doh!  The girls decided that the candy wasn't so important anymore.  It was too hot to even think about eating any of it!  All they wanted was water.  We had gone to the United Kingdom Kidcot the night before, so we walked on to France.  The kids received their hot air balloon charm and then it was off to Morocco for a plastic charm of the Hand of Fatima.  We finished up our Kidcot stations in Japan where the kids got their origami charm.  Since they had visited every Kidcot station, they received an Epcot mini poster!  The Japan pavilion also had a huge variety of candy, so we did pick up several kinds here.  We had a really had time choosing, but ended up with Kabaya (a sweet tart kind of candy) and some Poke gummies.  We also bought some rice paper candy that we ate as kids.  My kids don't like it, so unfortunately, I had to eat all of it myself.

        It was getting time for our date with the Princesses!  We walked on to Norway for our Princesses Storybook Lunch.  Molly wanted to wear a princess dress, so I had packed it in my bag that day and changed her into Snow White.  She was quite adorable!   As we waited for our table, we got to see Ariel and get her autograph.  We enjoyed our Norwegian food (or I should say Kevin and I enjoyed it, the kids were not so sure!) as we visited with Belle, Aurora, Cinderella and Jasmine.  Kevin really liked Jasmine!








        It was getting time for a break.  Disney was experiencing record high temperatures and everyone was wiped out.  We decided to go ride Test Track and Mission Space one more time and just give away the Soarin passes.  We had heard that Panchito and Jose had been out for autographs recently, so on the way we kept our eyes out and found Panchito!  He in one of the Three Caballeros!


        On the way to ride, Molly fell asleep.  Kevin and the girls used a leftover Child swap pass and rode Mission Space and I decided to skip the last rides.  While I was waiting for them to finish Mission Space, I met a nice family from Karns.  They live about 20 minutes from us.  As we chatted, I found out that they were completely clueless about Disney and all the parks.  I explained Fastpass to them and we ended up giving them our leftover passes for Soarin.  Kevin and the girls went to Test Track and rode two more times before we were done for the afternoon.   


        We went back to the room to relax for awhile.  The plan was to go back to MGM that night for dinner.  We would also finish riding any rides the kids wanted to repeat and maybe see Fantasmic again as this would be our last time visiting MGM this trip.  We went to the 50s Prime Time Cafe for dinner.  The food was really good.  Kevin and Brenna had pot roast and I had meatloaf.  Erin got a kids meal that ended up being pretty nasty, but our portions were so large, there was plenty to go around.  We had Smores for dessert which were quite tasty!  The Prime Time is a themed restaurant and although our waitress tried, she just wasn't really all that fun.  It's a little disappointing watching the tables in other sections have so much fun with their waitress, but at least the food was good.


        The girls had saved up several Child swap passes and had gotten more Fastpasses when we returned to MGM for the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror.  Kevin and the girls took off and Molly and I went in search of something to do.  Molly knew the others went to do "rides" so she was adamant that she wanted to do rides too.  We walked down to the Backlot Tour, but it was closed for the evening.  I then walked over to Muppets 3D because I knew she would like it, but Molly didn't want to go because it was a movie, not a RIDE!  The only thing left open for us was the Great Movie Ride.  And ride we did - 3 times in a row.  After the third ride, we walked out and saw Kevin and the girls coming back.  They had ridden Rock 'n' Roller Coaster four times and Tower of Terror twice.  The girls decided that they were ready to call it a night, so we skipped Fantasmic and headed to the hotel. 

        At the hotel, we went down to the food court and drank frozen cokes and ate Doritos and Potato Chips and just relaxed.  It had been a busy day for the girls and a hard day for Molly.  We did know that this wouldn't be a great day for Molly, but who knew that she would only want RIDES and not shows!