Day 5
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Day 5, Wednesday, October 18th, 2006    

    This morning, was a sleep in morning for the family.  Of course, that means the kids were up at 9:00 AM.  I could have slept much longer!  We had made and ADR for 'Ohana Breakfast at the Polynesian Hotel for breakfast.  We had never eaten here before and we wanted to try it out.  This is a character meal featuring Lilo and Stitch along with Pluto and Mickey.  We had made reservations for one of the last breakfast seating of the day.  Unfortunately, because it was so late, there was not much going on in the restaurant.  I had heard of fun things for the kids to do here, but the only thing they did was a little parade around the restaurant with maracas.  Oh well, at least I would get a nice picture of that - NOT!  The nice gentleman seated about five tables away must have decided that I had the perfect viewing spot.  Just as the kids came around the corner and I started to snap the picture, he ran over and stood directly in front of me.  I guess that my camera up to my face was not enough of a hint that I also wanted to view the kids.  Good thing he got a great picture.  I, however, did not!  I quickly made my displeasure known, but he was not quick to move.  I did get a nice picture of the girls' backs as they were walking away.


        We enjoyed our breakfast and visited a bit with Pluto and Mickey.  They were decked out in their Hawaiian dress and looked smashing!       




        The main event here for the girls was meeting Lilo and Stitch.  On our last trip, we saw them signing autographs, but by the time we got there, the line had closed.  Molly was quite fascinated with Lilo's big head.  She poked her eyes and touched her tongue and basically couldn't get enough.  Stitch was fun and playful and we had fun meeting him.




        Then began the long wait for our bill.  We had a very nice waitress.  Unfortunately, she was a cotton-headed ninnymuggins.  She had trouble getting things right throughout the meal.  It took four tries before we were finally presented with a correct bill.  Molly passed the time reading Mommy the morning paper.  Interesting interpretation of the news!  Finally, we made our escape!


        We headed over to Epcot to spend the rest of the day.  We went to Test Tract to get Fastpasses and Hooray!  we received bonus Fastpasses for Mission Space.  We headed straight over to Mission: Space.  With the addition of the easy version of this ride, I got to ride! Yea Me!  The kids went on the baby green version with Mommy and then got to go Orange with Daddy.  The girls much preferred the orange, but agreed that the green was much better than they were expecting. 


        Then, it was on to Test Track.  We really liked that they had hooked up the pictures to the Photopass System so you could get a copy added to  your card.  The picture is taken in a section of the ride where there really isn't much going on.  I look like I'm bored to death!


        We had never really toured the different Epcot countries with the girls before and thought that it might be something fun this year.  The plan was to visit the Kidcot stations so the kids could make a mask and get their Epcot Passport signed in each country.  At each Kidcot station, the kids are given a "charm" to hang from their mask and an ink stamp from the country.  The CM will also write something in the passport in their native language.  The masks are free, and if you visit each country, you will receive a small Epcot poster.  The secondary and true plan, candy around the world!

        We started our journey in Mexico.  After purchasing our trusty passport, we were off to our first Kidcot station where the kids began coloring their mask and received a puma charm.  I purchased an interesting choice for the candy from Mexico, Las Sevillanas Mini Obleas Con Cajeta (mini wafers with goat milk candy).  I didn't tell the kids what it was before they tried it, just that it was Mexican candy.  Brenna and Erin were not fans, but at least Molly liked it!  We then rode El Rio del Tiempo, a relaxing boat ride through Mexico's "river of time".


        A quick walk and we were in Norway.   The kids collected their Viking ship charm and then it was off to ride Maelstrom.  After the ride, we hustled through the theater so we could exit with the people leaving from the previous show so we could skip the short film.  We had to get the important souvenir, the candy!  It was off to the Puffins Roost for some Nordic Nonpariels which were a nice change for the kids from the goat's milk candy!

         We then headed to China.  The acrobats were performing and just caught the tail-end of the show.  Very cool, but unfortunately, we had missed most of it!  We went to the Kidcot station, and the kids received a nice kite charm to add to the collection.  We then began our candy quest.  The kids found some cute silk change purses and we finally decided on our candy choice.  This was the coolest candy we bought!  The jar looked like it was filled with polished rocks, but it was in fact Chocolate!  Very tasty! 

        As we came out of China, we decided to stop at the Lotus Blossom Cafe and get a small lunch.  We split some sweet and sour chicken, egg rolls and Lo Mein for a quick lunch.  The cafe was very uncrowded and quick.  The food was surprisingly good for the price.  With our lunch in our bellies, it was time to continue.

        We continued on our way and after a long trek came to Germany.  We came upon the huge train display and stayed for quite a while enjoying the trains.  Kevin loves trains, so needless to say we stayed and enjoyed the display!  Then it was on to the Der Teddybär store for our Kidcot stop.  The German shops were really wonderful and the kids loved the toy shop.  The kids received a teddy charm for their mask and it was on to the CHOCOLATE!  We had the hardest time chosing what candy to purchase here as there were so many choices.  We finally decided on Milka Chocolate and bought a bar of Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate. YUM YUM YUM!

        On to Italy.  There are some nice shops in the Italian area, but the girls were not really interrested.  It was a quick stop to the Kidcot for a mask charm and Kevin went in search of candy.  He returned with a bag from the company F.lli Bergaminia of hard candy filled with honey.  Although I thought these were pretty good, the kids were not impressed. 

        We walked on to the American Pavilion and went to the Kidcot and received our rocking horse charm.  We had missed the showing of the American Adventure and we decided not to get any American candy as we were getting kind of grossed out by that point and we know what American candy is like! 

        I checked the time schedule and saw that we had less than 10 minutes before Miyuki's show.  Miyuki is the candy lady.  We had read about her for years but we had never gotten to see her show.  We hurried to Japan and planted ourselves right next to her cart.  There were only two other people there waiting so the kids got right next to the rope.  It wasn't long before she came out.  There is no other word to describe what she does except AMAZING!  I think she knows who has been waiting, because the first person she made candy for was the couple who was waiting the longest.  Next she called MOLLY!  We helped Molly ask for a blue kitty.  We were all so excited that we were going to get one of her creations!  And then she called on Brenna!  Brenna asked for a Dragon and it was so very cool!  And then she called on Erin!  Erin asked for a Swan.  The feathers on the swan were so delicate and beautiful.  The pictures do not do this candy justice!  We had hoped that we would get one and instead each kid got their own.  It really made our day.






        Then Mommy made a few bad choices for the day!  We decided to skip the Kidcot here and we would do the rest on another day.  Everyone was tired and Molly wanted to nurse.  We were going to join a group of people from Tour Guide Mike for an Illuminations Dessert Buffet that evening, so we decided to walk over to the United Kingdom where we would meet the other folks.  Had I realized that we would have so much time to kill, we would have not skipped the Kidcot stations on the way as we were walking right by them! Very poor management on my part.  I had told Molly we would nurse when we got over there and then once there, it was crowded and there were no great places to nurse.  We went to the Kidcot station in United Kingdom and got our Dragon charm to kill some time.  Molly was being a "challange" and had one of her sweet meltdowns.  By the time we met up with the Tour Guide Mike folks, I was wiped out and not great company.

        The night was saved from disaster by the dessert reception!  The people were all very nice and the desserts were fabulous.  Molly settled down once I could sit and nurse and then we loaded her up with ice cream!  The dessert reception was held on the lower veranda of the United Kingdom.  This was the best view of Illuminations we had every had!  It was even better than the cruise!  Definitely worth every penny!


        The kids were wiped out, but overall it had been a fun day.  We went back to the hotel and put the kids to bed.  Kevin took a detour to the food court and bought doughnuts for the next day's breakfast (and a milkshake for himself!).