Day 4
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Day 4, Tuesday, October 17th, 2006 

            As we had a late night yesterday, and we would have a late night tonight, we let everyone sleep in.  We had an 11:00 ADR for brunch at Chef Mickey’s.  We drove over to the Contemporary and valet parked.  I must say that this was not the ideal time to eat as we had our longest wait in our vacation for a table. 


 Luckily, Goofy was in the lobby waiting area and helped pass the time.  He danced with the girls and was really fun to watch. 


            After we had our food, we were visited by the Big Cheese himself!  I must say that I do so love to have those characters visit us while we eat. 


 We then had visits from Chip, Pluto and Dale.



            Minnie Mouse was the last to visit.  Molly was fascinated by Minnie bloomers and her shoes.  We got our pictures and autographs and enjoyed our fabulous breakfast.



            After breakfast, we went to Downtown Disney for a little shopping.  We picked up some souvenirs for some friends and ourselves.  Each year, the girls pick out a new Christmas ornament for our tree, so we went to Disney’s Days of Christmas and they picked out their new ornament for this year.  Kevin fell in love with the monorail train set but he’ll have to wait for another year.  It is pretty incredible though.  As we were walking around, Molly spotted the carousel and really, really, really wanted to ride the black horsy.  It is vacation after all!


We wanted to get some more Disney Mr. Potato Head parts so we went to Once Upon a Toy Store and filled two boxes with our new favorites.  We spent a little time helping another nice mom repack her box so she could get as many pieces as possible.  Her husband was pretty embarrassed that she asked me for help.  What could I say?  I sure do love a challenge!

We went back to the hotel and enjoyed another Mickey bar and frozen coke from the food court.  Then it was time to relax and rest until the evening.  Our kids (and let’s face it, us too!) have always wanted to go to the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  We had talked about costumes for the family over the years and had decided that if we ever got to go, we would go as the 101 Dalmatians family. We would want costumes that were comfortable and cool because it can be really hot in October.   Kevin would be Pongo, I would be Perdita, Brenna would be Lucky, Erin would be Penny and Molly would be Rolly.  When we decided to go in October, we immediately purchased tickets to MNSSHP.  Now for the costumes.  When I ordered our shirts for the tie-dye, I also ordered white shorts and extra white shirts.  Then over many evenings, I used fabric paint and spotted our clothes.  We decided to put hidden Mickeys all over the outfits and they turned out really cute.  After researching, I found out that Pongo and Lucky have two black ears and the others have spotted ears.  I found a set of dog ears from Birthday Express that had the ears we needed on headbands.  Kevin had to cut down the black ears to change the shape to match the spotted ears, but it was an easy fix.  I ordered blue and red collars off of the internet and had dog tags engraved with our names on them.  Then we bought spotted material and Kevin sewed tails and I stuffed them.  Kevin sewed elastic to the tails so they could be turned or removed easily.  Easy. 

One night while I was working on our costumes, I had the shirts on the floor drying from that nights painting.  Erin got sick and threw up.  She came out in the living room to get me.  A few days later, she asked me what the dotted stuff was on the floor.  I just blew it off and said I was trying something that didn’t work.  She never mentioned it again, but we thought we were busted.  Good thing we’re such good liars!  

We got ready for the party in our fabulous (if I do say so myself) costumes and left for the party. 


We had ADRs at Liberty Tree Tavern for 5:15 PM.  We arrived at 5:00 and we were seated within a few minutes.  Liberty Tree is really cute during MNSSHP.  All the workers were in costume and the characters had on Halloween masks.  Very cute!  We were seated next to a really nice family with the grandparents dressed in full fur costumes of Donald and Daisy.  One look at them and I was really glad our costumes were so cool!  We told our server that there would be a big tip for him if he could hurry us up and get us out of there as quick as possible.  He did not disappoint us and we did not disappoint him.  As we ate, we had visits from Chip, Goofy, Minnie and Pluto.  Dale was there also, but we never saw him before we left.  We were seated at the same time as the table next to us and we had finished our dessert and paid while they were still on their main course.  We had zero wait time between courses.  Our waiter brought out our next course as soon as we gave him the sign.  Fabulous!  We didn’t want to waste valuable party time in a restaurant. 





We went straight to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Kevin rode with Brenna and Erin. 


We then went on Pirates of the Caribbean and checked out the new additions of Jack Sparrow to the attraction.  Here is where I somehow didn’t plan very well.  The kids were not interested in going to either of the dance parties, nor did they want to wait to see the characters in costumes.  I think having the Halloween party being our first day at the Magic Kingdom worked against me.  They only wanted to do some of the big rides.  Even knowing we would be there later in the week didn’t change their minds.  We didn’t do a lot of the things that night that I thought they would want to do and we did quite a bit of backtracking and wandering around.  We went over to Tomorrowland had saw the cool alien stilt walkers. 


We then went on the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin.  Molly really enjoyed spinning the car Erin and I were in.  That’s why we had the lowest score!  Yep, that’s the reason!  We went to Toontown to get our faces painted, but the kids decided that they didn’t want to do it.  I took Brenna and Erin on Goofy’s Barnstormer instead.  I wanted to go down Alice and the Mad Hatters Treat Party to see the characters.  I don’t know how we managed it, but every character was on break when we went down the trail.  There weren’t any characters at all to be found.  Ugh!  When we got to the end, there was Space Mountain so of course Kevin and the girls had to ride. We headed over to Fantasyland and there was no line for Dumbo. Yea!  Molly’s favorite ride!  We then rode The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.



Being the Halloween party, Haunted Mansion was a must.  It wasn’t Molly’s favorite, but the older kids loved it.  Molly has learned that she can just close her eyes and she’s fine if something scares her.  We decided it was time to go find a spot to watch Hallowishes, the MNSSHP fireworks.  On one of the message boards I visit, several people decided to meet in front of Crystal Palace restaurant to watch the fireworks.  This was a great spot.  The girls sat on the ground right by the fence and waited for the show to start.  We met a super nice family dressed as Aladdin characters and another couple from the boards.  The view from this spot was great and we loved every minute of it!

We had skipped the 8:00 PM parade in favor of the 10:00 PM parade.  This was a great decision as the crowd was a lot less.  As we were walking to our parade spot, we saw the Genie and Abu from Aladdin.  As we’ve never met them before and the line was small the girls decided that this was worth waiting for.  They were right!  The characters are always great.  Genie kept messing with Brenna’s hair and she was so focused on Abu that she didn’t even notice.  It was pretty funny.  We found our parade spot and met our Aladdin friends again. 


The parade starts with the Headless Horseman riding his horse down the parade route.  Very cool!  The Halloween parade is neato.  The zombie dancers and the grave diggers were incredible and it was fun seeing all the characters in their Halloween costumes.  Although the kids weren’t interested in the regular parades, they loved the Halloween parade.




There is a Villains show with a Meet several times a night.  We had decided to wait and see the last showing at 11:15 PM.  Molly fell asleep while we were walking over to it and was out for the rest of the night.  I’m glad we waited.  Earlier, the plaza was packed for the shows, but during the last show, there was barely any one there.  The show is a bit silly but fun.  Afterwards, the villains come down and do meets.  We had so much fun with the villains.  We’ve never met most of them before so it was really neat.  Cruella was very funny.  She loved the kids as puppy fur is the softest.  As we were leaving, she grabbed Molly’s stroller and started walking away with her and made us chase her down to get her back.  We then saw Frollo, Queen of Hearts, the Queen from Snow White, Captain Hook, Jafar, and Maleficent.  I told Maleficent that she was my favorite, and she said, “Of course I am.” much to the delight of the girls.  She was great! 




On our way out, we thought we’d try the Alice trail one more time.  We had only collected a few pieces of candy throughout the night.  Because the night was over, they were giving out big handfuls of candy.  We came away with full bags.  The kids were ecstatic. 


It was past midnight by this point so we made our way to the exit.  We had a great time!