Day 3
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Day 3, Monday, October 16th, 2006 

            This was to be an easier day for us.  We had an ADR at 1900 Park Fare for breakfast at 8:10 AM.  We love Park Fare.  The food is great and the characters here are always fabulous.  We drove over to the Grand Floridian and valet parked again.  Got to love that valet!   We were seated immediately and, almost as quickly, we were visiting with Tigger.  Tigger was great!  He spent tons of time with the girls and made them laugh. 


            Next, we saw Alice.  She was very sweet if not very talkative.  We then had time to get our food which we enjoyed thoroughly! 


            As we were eating, Winnie the Pooh came for a visit. 



            He was followed by the Mad Hatter.  The Mad Hatter was hilarious and very goofy just as you would expect.  Tigger came back around and Molly wished him a Happy Birthday.  He was very funny and wrote in our book that it was his un-birthday! 


            As we were leaving, we got to visit with Mary Poppins in the waiting area. 


            The plan for this day was to go to Typhoon Lagoon.  After Molly’s disastrous attempts to swim, we decided that we would save $40 and I would stay at the hotel with Molly.  I figured if I was going to be standing around not swimming, I might as well do that in the hotel.   The water park opened at 10:00 AM and Kevin and the girls took off right after breakfast.  Molly and I lazed around the resort and just had some down time.  She ended up taking a nap for almost three hours!

            When Kevin and the girls arrived at Typhoon Lagoon, they purchased their tickets and entered the park.  They went and rented towels and a locker and picked up a couple of life jackets.  They then headed off to the Crush ‘n’ Gusher.  They went down the Coconut Crusher slide in a three person tube.  It was so much fun they went again and again, this time choosing Pineapple Plunger each time using the three people tubes. 

            Finally, Kevin said it was enough and they headed off to play in the wave pool.  The wave pool was in calm bobbing wave part of the cycle so they relaxed and floated for a bit.  Then it was off to Mayday Falls. Mayday Falls is a one person inner tube slide that’s not too fast.  After riding it twice, they decided to go to its next door neighbor, Keel Haul Falls.  Keel Haul is very similar to Mayday but a bit more intense.  The second time down, the CM at the top spun Brenna and she spent the entire ride going down backwards, screaming all the way!

            They decided to take a break from the slides and it was off to brave the shark reef.  The shark reef is a snorkel swim with small sharks and tropical fish.  Unfortunately, the masks didn’t fit on Erin’s face very well.  As she stepped off, her mask filled with water pretty quickly which got water in her nose.  She then got water in her snorkel and started to kick her legs.  Kevin grabbed her and she promptly dunked his snorkel under the water just as he was breathing in.  They had to stop and let Kevin finish coughing the salt water out of his lungs and then Kevin proceeded to drag Erin across the rest of the way.  Brenna did pretty well by herself, but she did have to stop on the center area to adjust her mask also.  I think next time we might have to bring our own masks that actually fit the smaller faces of the kids.

            After they kids survived the sharks, they decided to go on the family raft ride, Gangplank Falls.  Once was enough however and the kids wanted to visit the wave pool one more time before they left.  The waves were much larger this time and Brenna ended up getting dragged across the bottom of the pool getting a nice scrape on her calf.  They decided to call it a day.

            When the water puppies returned, we went down to the food court for some tasty burgers, chicken strips, fries, and Mickey rice krispy treats.  The older girls needed a break from their fun morning, so we relaxed around the room for a bit longer.  It was really a nice restful day for me and Molly.  I really needed the down time as I was suffering from “Peggy Feet”.  On our last trip, Peggy had come with us and had continuing problems with her feet throughout the trip.  Unfortunately, I was now experiencing some serious foot pain.  Along with heel pain, it turns out that I have a stress fracture in my metatarsals, sometimes called a “marching fracture”.  I had some problems keeping up with my fast moving family during the trip, but I survived with a lot of whining!

            That evening, we went back to 1900 Park Fare for dinner.  The food and characters are different at dinner.  We again valet parked and checked in for our dinner.  Fairy Godmother was in the lobby and by the time we had visited with her, our table was ready. 


            Dinner at Park Fare is Cinderella’s Gala Feast.  We had visits with the mice Perla and Suzy and they were very sweet. 



            We then saw Prince Charming and Cinderella herself.  While Cindy was at the table before us, Molly looked over and proclaimed in her loudest toddler voice, “Look at Cinderella’s big fat butt!”  It seems that her dress is rather poofy and I guess to Molly it looked like Cindy had quite a big rear.  She was really rather amazed.  We had a nice discussion about poofy dresses and even if Cindy did have a large backside, which she didn’t, it wasn’t really that nice to point it out! 



            I had ordered a special cake for our 15th Anniversary to be delivered during this meal.  We didn’t celebrate our Anniversary this year because we were saving for Disney, so I thought this would be fun.  The cake was delicious and not very expensive by Disney standards! 


            We had reserved an Illuminations Cruise for this night.  Originally, we were going to share it with the vice-principal’s family who was also traveling to Disney during Fall Break.  Those plans changed, however, and we invited Peggy’s friends to share the cruise with us.  We went to the Beachclub Hotel and valet parked for the cruise.  We had some time to kill so we visited the gift shop where the girls purchased their first souvenirs, beautiful Disney purses.  We then went down to the dock and met Cheryl and Todd.  They let each of the girls chose two Disney trading pins from their collection.  The pins are really nice.  We had a young boat driver named Erin, and although not very knowledgeable, was very nice.  The fireworks are fabulous from the boat’s vantage point and the boat ride is relaxing and fun.  The cruise also included drinks and bagged snacks.  After the cruise, Erin told us that we could take all the snacks that were left if we wanted, so I stuffed our backpacks with the leftovers.  Nice snacks for the hotel!  We drove back to our room and another easy bedtime with the girls!