Day 2
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Day 2, Sunday, October 15th, 2006 

            Our second day was to be a MGM day!  We got up early and drove over to MGM instead of taking the buses this day.  We entered the park before opening and walked to our restaurant. 


            Molly has become a big fan of the Disney Channel shows this year, so we decided to go to the new Hollywood & Vine character breakfast.  We had gotten an 8:20 AM ADR, but we showed up at 8:00 AM and were seated within a few minutes.  Again, your standard breakfast food, but tasty.  The main attraction here was the characters.  This was one of my favorites!  A few Playhouse Pals come out and did little song and dance numbers and then Jojo and Goliath from Jojo’s Circus came and visited with us. Molly was so excited.  She loves Jojo and was awestruck. She kept petting Goliath’s mane and was thrilled to meet them. 




    Afterward, June and Leo from Little Einstein’s came out.   The real highlight of the meal was June.  She was so great with the girls and Molly couldn’t get enough.  June came over and danced with Molly and took the girls by the hand around the restaurant in a parade.  One of the great things about this meal is that for the first seating, there really weren’t that many people there so the girls got tons of character time.  It was really fabulous!






            We exited the restaurant just in time for rope drop.  We made our way to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and got a Child Swap Pass and then Kevin and the girls rode standby.  I got a set of Fast Passes while they rode.  


At the end of our breakfast, Molly had dropped my camera and it quit working.  This had happened before, and a quick change of batteries had fixed the problem.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a quick change of batteries with me, so I got a great Disney bargain of 4 AA batteries for $16!   But, it did fix my camera and I learned the importance of carrying extra batteries at all times!

After the coaster, we went up to Tower of Terror, where we got another Child Swap Pass while Kevin and the girls rode standby.  The plan was for us to split up at this point.  Kevin and the girls would continue riding these two rides maximizing FP, while Molly and I were to go to the 10:30 AM show of Playhouse Disney.   At the end, we had an extra Child Swap pass for RnR and ToT to use on another day.


Molly and I had a bit of time to kill before our show.  We walked up to the hat and saw Clarice with Chip and Dale.  The line was pretty short, so we waited for autographs and pictures.



We then saw Chicken Little with a short line, so we visited him as well.



It was then time for Playhouse Disney.  Molly liked this show, but after visiting with Jojo at breakfast, she didn’t understand why she couldn’t go visit her during the show.  She was also intimidated by all the people packed in the room and she wouldn’t budge from my lap for the entire show.  She doesn’t like having a lot of people within touching distance and becomes my own personal piece of Velcro. 



When the show was over, we met up with Kevin and the girls and hustled over to the 11:05 show of Lights, Motors, Action! Stunt Show.  It was really hot by this time, but thanks to the message boards, we knew where to sit to be cooled by the giant fans.  The show was really fun and Brenna and Erin (and Kevin) really liked it.  Molly loved the opening scene of racing cars and then promptly fell asleep.  I found the show really enjoyable if a bit loud!  As we left the stadium, Molly woke up and started crying because she had lost one of her purple Crocs.  Kevin walked all the way back up the stadium, but it was not to be found. 

The kids were ready for a break, so we headed back to the hotel.  On the way out we saw Sully and Mike out for photos so we took a short break to say Hello!


 We went to the food court and had pizzas and then went to the pool to cool down.  Kevin took the girls to the big Hippy Dippy pool to play and I took Molly to the kiddie pool.   On Molly’s first trip to the pool, she was cautious, but having fun.  She was starting to get a bit more adventurous as she was playing when a little boy about 7 years old came over and started kicking water in her face on purpose.  She started crying and came over to me and I dried her off.  The boy’s parents just sat there watching not saying a word.  Grrr…I talked her into going back in the water and as soon as she sat down, he ran over and did it again.  Many more tears later, I finally got her to put her toes in with me holding her hand.  The third time, I decided that if his parents weren’t going to stop him, I certainly would.  Needless to say, he didn’t kick water in her face again, but the damage was done.  He then turned his attention to another two year old and began terrorizing her.  Molly wouldn’t go into the water anymore during the trip.  We tried again on another day, but she was obviously terrified.  Any time a kid came anywhere near her, she bolted out and ran to me.  Sigh.  Guess I won’t need a bathing suit after all on this trip.  I finally just wrapped her up and took her back to the room for a nap.

We had originally hoped to be back to MGM in time to see the 3:00 PM parade, but that of course didn’t happen.  The kids really were not interested in seeing any parades much to my dismay!  There’s always next trip!  We had a 5:00 PM ADR for Mama Melrose and on our way there, we passed Star Tours with a 5 minute posted wait time.  We have time, no problem!  Let’s just say that the sign was not correct!  We were going to do child swap here.  Star Tours has you take your little one in the line with you instead of a swap pass.  The first adult rides in the simulator and then takes the little one while the second adult rides.  As this was the longest 5 minutes in the history of time, we were going to be late for our dinner.  Kevin decided that he would just skip it and I could ride with the girls and then we’d go.  When we got to the front of the line, the CM asked us if we were doing a swap.  They then offered to let Kevin take Molly into the ride with the simulator turned off.  They had a few families with small ones together and let them all enjoy the ride without the motion.  Yea!  After our trip to Endor, we hustled over to Mama’s for dinner.

We arrived about 10 minutes late, but no problem.  We had about a 10 minute wait for our table and then were seated.  We were using the Fantasmic! Dinner package for our meal.  I didn’t realize that the menu for the Fantasmic package was a bit different from the regular menu.  We were given a family salad, our choice of flatbread for the family to share, an entrée and a dessert.  The salad was OK.  Too much dressing for my taste.  We chose the Four Cheese Flatbread which was pretty good.  Kevin and I ordered the Oven-baked Chicken alla Parmigiana and the girls each had spaghetti.  At least the girls food was OK.  I won’t say the same for Kevin’s and mine.  We were not impressed.  For dessert, I ordered the Hazelnut and Ricotta Cheesecake, Kevin had Crema Limone (lemon custard with whipped cream and berries) and the girls had Gelato.  Dessert was easily the best course of the meal.  Unfortunately, Molly loved my cheesecake!

After eating, we began the marathon wait for the check.  By the time we got out of there, we had to head straight over for our seats for Fantasmic.  With the Fantasmic package, you have reserved seats for Fantasmic so you don’t have to wait as long.  We still had 30 minutes to kill before the show, so we broke out the glow sticks.  The girls love these.  Molly loves to break them and make them glow.  She’ll wear them for only a few minutes though.  As I buy glows in bulk off of Ebay, we had tons to share with the folks around us.  We decorated the kids around us and found out the little girl in front of us was celebrating her birthday.  We had about 50 glows left with us (but still had about 400 in the room) so we let her take the rest to use later in her trip.  We all love Fantasmic!  It is an amazing show and we are always enthralled the whole time.

On our way out of the park for the day, we stopped by Lost and Found and asked if they had found a small purple Croc.  Yea!  They had it!  Molly was happy to have her shoe back as was her Mommy.  After the short hike to the car, it was off to the hotel and bed.